This law is aim to determine the national measures and criteria for establishing the completely comprehensive and uniform education system ensuring the principles of freedoms of studies in compliance with the Constitution of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

The objective of this law is to develop the human resources of the nation by providing a lifelong education for the learners to acquire knowledge, skills, capacities, dignity, good moral behavior
and characteristics, in order to push the learners to know, love and protect the national identification, cultures and language.

This law covers all educational programs, research studies, technical and vocational education and training at all public and private levels of the education system although these educational
programs are offered by the educational institutions or by education personnel. Its also covers the education administration and management at all levels, except for the education on religious scriptures,
technical education, education of military strategy and national security, education on the management of territorial administration, education provided by Royal School of Administration and technical
and professional education for the courts offered by the training institution of legal and court professions.

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Prakas on the Form and Procedures of the Pre-school Assessment

This Prakas aims to determine the formality and procedures of the pre-school assessment, community-based accreditation, a standardized community college to receive funding from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

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