The Cambodian Educational Congress 2021

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The Cambodian National Education Congress has been scheduled for March 2021. This annual congress gathers participants from all the technical departments of MOEYS and all the Provincial Offices of Education, Youth and Sport, relevant Cambodian Government and Development Agencies, Higher Education Institution, and all education CSOs to discuss the achievements and challenges of the implementation of education, youth and sports-related activities.

NEP  is a civil society coordinating body, we work to ensure that our members and partners are adequately represented at the Cambodian Education Congress. Therefore we would like to start by initiating a process of discussion that will feed into the development of cohesive sub-sector positions to be discussed at the Congress.
We strongly encourage all members and partners to be a part of this process. Let us  consolidate voices of the Cambodian Civil Society and develop comprehensive messages to share with the decision- and policy-makers.

Our joint efforts are directed at creating productive educational policy dialogue channels.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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To learn more about NEP facilitated sub-sector and thematic working groups please click here ESWG and here SSWG.

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