Non-formal education aims to ensure that all children, youth, adults, poor people and those with disabilities realize their rights to a basic education and lifelong learning. Another objective is to provide opportunities for youth and adults to access life skills and become literate.

Ensuring the Functioning of Community Learning Centers to Create Lifelong Learning Opportunities

Community Learning Centers have been playing an important role in providing lifelong learning opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region for many years. Being at the heart of the community, they are able to reach marginalized groups, school drop-outs, and promote gender empowerment and civic participation through their wide-rage of programs. In Cambodia, 350 CLCs have been established. However, the insufficient and unpredictable financial support has had a huge impact on the quality of programs offered, the personal development of educators and volunteers and the overall functionality. NEP recommended four key points to ensure the functioning of Community Learning Centre to create Lifelong Learning Opportunities by:

  1. Strengthen the CLC Management Committees
  2. Strengthen CLC System
  3. Clarify, adjust and follow financial disbursement processes
  4. Prioritise the Non-Formal Education Section.

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