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  Ministries Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport.  

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MOEYS)

The MOEYS is within the Royal Government of Cambodia the ministry responsible for regulation and improvement of education in Cambodia. They are responsible for the implementation of the Education Strategic Plan (ESP) of Cambodia. The MOEYS has last years been strengthening its focus on the policy of institutional and capacity development for educational staff for decentralization.

Efforts to enhance aid effectiveness have been a particular focus through the implementation of the Paris Declaration and the Accra Agenda for Action, which have supported the harmonization and alignment of development partners’ resources with national development policies.

Vision of the MOEYS

The MOEYS vision is to establish and develop human resources of the very highest quality and ethics in order to develop a knowledge-based society within Cambodia.

Mission of the MOEYS

In order to achieve the above vision, MOEYS has the mission of leading, managing and developing the Education, Youth and Sport sector in Cambodia in responding to the socio- economic and cultural development needs of its people and the reality of regionalization and globalization.

The Departments of MOEYS

  • Directorate General of Administration and Finance
  • Directorate General of Education
  • Directorate General of Higher Education
  • Directorate General of Youth and Sport
  • Directorate General of Sport
  • See their website for more information about MOEYS