About Us


NGO Education Partnership is a membership organization that promotes active collaboration between NGOs working in education and advocates on behalf of its member organizations in policy meetings and discussions with the Ministry of Education Youth and Sports (MoEYS) in Cambodia.


Working together to achieve equal and timely access to high quality education for all Cambodian people.


NGO Education Partnership is a membership organisation that coordinates dialogue and cooperation among key stakeholders to improve the quality and accessibility of education in Cambodia.


Integrity . Equality . Collaboration . Making Change Happen


NEP is committed to developing dialogue between government and civil society on education issues, undertaking and disseminating research on key issues, and helping education NGOs increase their effectiveness.

In the past year, NEP has:

  • Supported the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MoEYS) during the Education Strategic/Education Sector Support Plan Mid-term Review process
  • Participated in education policy reform discussions on behalf of the education NGO sector
  • Completed a National Education NGO Inventory, with 78 education NGOs reporting on their activities, challenges, achievements and financial commitments.
  • Produced a 2008 Position Paper on Education for the Cambodia Development Cooperation Forum (CDCF)
  • Released a research report on pre-school education and its impact on primary school enrolment
  • Produced and released a research report on teacher motivation and related issues
  • Produced and released our annual Education NGO report on education sector activities and challenges
  • Continued to monitor the practice of informal school fees
  • Facilitated two enrolment campaigns supporting increased primary level enrolment
  • Played a lead role in planning and implementing Cambodia’s Global Action Week as part of the Global Campaign for Education
  • Organized bi-monthly information sharing meetings and offered training workshop for its 100 members